Bram T

Bram-T is an 8 year old 17 hand Friesian gelding purchased in 2005 from Blumenthal Friesians of Colorado. As a 4 year old, Bram was driven in singles and in the four in hand. He has been trained professionally in dressage for the last 4 years.



Bram T and Kathy in the 2006 Eric Smiley clinic

Bram and Kathy at home


Bram T and Kathy at 2005 Friesian Regionals in Loveland. Bram T was 2005 Regional Green Horse Champion.

Photo by Kelly Manley

Bram and Terry in costume

Oedse and Kathy at NW Friesian Regionals. Oedse is another Blumenthal Friesian.

Photo by Kelly Manley