English Toffee - What a Treat!

by Anna B.

Hi, I'm Anna B. and I'm the proud owner of the twenty year-old Pony-of-the Americas, English Toffee. Toffee is a great pony. He's smart. The only problem is, he's a little too smart, but a pony is a pony. I have to keep the brush box at least three feet away or else he'll tip it over. I can't leave him alone in the cross-ties because he knows how to undo them. He knows how to climb onto the mounting block and once he came into the lounge and ate someone's PowerBar. Toffee is patient, but he also really teaches me how to ride. For instance, if I pull too hard on the reins, he will jerk his head down. He won't let my six year-old sister hold the reins at all because he knows she'll just hang on them. He likes to be in horse shows, but sometimes he's naughty and tries to leave the arena. All in all, Toffee is an awesome pony. I'm very happy now that I own him. Toffee may be twenty but sometimes he reminds me of a mischevious puppy. I love my pony.